Bonkers Pale Ale

4 Nov

Bonkers Pale Ale

Brewed for an indian summer’s afternoon, Bonkers is an easy drinking pale ale with a handful of Northwest hops added late in the boil that gives plenty of hop character without the bitterness. ¬†Smooth and drinkable, it’s a pale ale that can be enjoyed by everyone. ¬†The label features our 3 month old kitten Bonkers who joined our family while the beer was fermenting and is thusly immortalized as a homebrew mascot.

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  1. Masanori February 26, 2016 at 4:01 pm #

    Ok I was about to throw a hissy fit as a Washingtonian that we scored so low as a state, then I read some of the beers inlveovd: O’Douls (srsly, wth?), Coors, Old Milwaukee Lights (!!!), Miller, Bud, etc etc. Them is some seriously skewed stats. Having traveled throughout the country, I remain convinced that Washington and Oregon have the best breweries and best availability of good beers in the US. Also, Keith, beer is definitely an acquired taste. I hated it until I was fortunate to sample some lovely German Hefeweizen while living in Europe. I loved it after that not all beers, but some.

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