Brewery Count Sees Growth in 2011…Again

20 Jan

hangar 24 brewery

The Brewers Association has released a preliminary count of the number of active breweries in operation in the United States at the end of 2011.  The rough count shows a clear increase in active breweries from 1,675 in 2010 to 1,949 in 2011, an incredible 16% increase.  The BA also tracks the number of “breweries in planning”, a snapshot of breweries likely to open in 2012 which jumped to a record 915, meaning we can expect 600-700 new breweries to open in 2012, or in other words, 2 new breweries every day.  Follow the link below to the Brewers Association where they explain what the numbers are and where they came from.  And keep drinking craft beer.

2008 operating brewery count 1,496. Brewery-in-planning count 207.

2009 operating brewery count 1,546. Brewery-in-planning count 287.

2010 operating brewery count 1,675. Brewery-in-planning count 513.

2011 operating brewery count 1,949.  Brewery-in-planning count 915.

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