BRODIE Home Brew Sediment Catchers

21 Dec

Sed-Ex Sediment caps

As anyone who home brews will tell you, if you bottle condition, you’re going to have yeast sediment in your beer.  The only way to avoid the build up is to force carbonate the brew, which typically means kegging, rendering your delicious creation immobile…until now.

BRODIE Home Brew Sediment Catchers ($38/15 caps) are a clever new product that promises to keep yeast sediment out of your bottles without having to force carb.

“The BRODIE sediment catcher is a two part unit, the first part catches the sediment, and the second part becomes your new top, replacing the need for crown seals or recapping. The BRODIE enables sediment to be captured during the brewing process, whilst the bottle remains pressurized.”

Simply screw on the BRODIE cap, store your bottles upside down as they carbonate, then remove the part of the cap that collected the sediment.  Your beer remains capped and pressurized and voila, no yeast build up, allowing for easy transport and the ability to drink straight from the bottle.  Plus they’re reusable.

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  1. Rick November 25, 2015 at 8:26 am #

    Hi, my questions are – Do the glass bottles need to be threaded like screw off cap bottles? And, how often are new parts required, Tops, Bases, Springs O’Rings etc.? And, are the parts expensive? Thank You

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