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The Top 10 Books about Beer and Brewing

18 Jan

Here’s a much more definitive top-10 list of the best books about beer and brewing.

1. How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time 

 how to brew beer best books

 A quintessential book that should be in the library of any homebrewer from novice to expert.  How to Brew is as easy to read as it is informative and will no doubt leave you with everything you need to know to brew any style of beer in any way.


Beer Lover’s New England by Norman Miller

5 Aug

beer lovers new england book

There are few places in the United States that offer a concentration of as many quality craft beer choices as New England.  So if you’re planning a beer vacation or live in the area and want to explore your corner of the craft beer revolution, pick up Beer Lover’s New England, a guide to every brewery, brewpub, and craft beer bar in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.  Written by “The Beer Nut”, a Daily News columnist who has been writing about craft beer for 6 years, the book profiles every location in detail including his top picks at each place as well as food pairings, homebrew recipes, and more.  Beer Lover’s New England is the complete guide to everything craft beer in the upper Northeast.

The Brewshed

21 Jul

jr brewing brewshed

Homebrewers all share a common DIY attitude when it comes to their hobby, whether it’s converting an old turkey fryer to a boiler or rigging a jockey box out of a cooler.  But there are some who take it all to another level.  The Brewshed is a home project by J.R. Brewing (2 friends who homebrew together) that is ambitious as it is awesome.  The friends constructed a brewing shed from the ground up in their backyard complete with a 4-tap kegerator, brewing counter and sink, and a dart board.  Follow the link to see the impressive build step-by-step.

App – Local Suds

15 Jul


In an attempt to unite the nation under one all encompassing beer app, Local Suds seeks to connect beer drinkers with local breweries by alerting you to news and events from your favorited breweries, directing you to stores that sell your favorite beer, and showing all nearby breweries wherever you are in the country.  The app is still in development but seems to have potential to be the first craft brewery database of its kind and with new breweries opening every day, Local Suds is becoming very relevant.  Are you a brewer? Check out their brewery map and claim your brewery.

Tasmanian Beer Shampoo

20 Mar

tasmanian beer shampoo

Let’s face it, beer smells good; and if you just can’t get enough of that great hoppy aroma, why not lather it into your hair?  Tasmanian Beer Shampoo ($11.50) allows you to do that without bringing a bottle of craft brew into the shower with you.  Brewed by the boutique Tasmanian Dark Isle Brewery. Prized Tasmanian hops straight from the oats houses of the lush Derwent River Valley are infused, then added for their conditioning and antiseptic qualities. You can  actually see the flecks of hops in the bar.  It’s also good for your hair as beer has been famed for generations for its ability to leave hair bouncy, shiny and full of body.

Sierra Nevada iPhone Bottle Opener Case

6 Mar

sierra nevada iphone case bottle opener

You know you’ve thought about it.  That moment when desperation begins to set in due to your lack of a bottle opener and a 6-pack of craft beer begging to be drunk.  But for most of us, the idea of using our iPhone to crack open a beer is only a fleeting thought as we’re left to settle for a curb or table edge to break into the sweet hoppy nectar within.  If you happen to find yourself in this situation more often than you’d admit, or the edge of your iPhone looks like it was attacked by a mouse with metal teeth, then fret no more!  The iPhone Bottle Opener Case ($19.95) is here to save you and your phone from taking any more damage, physically or emotionally.  Plus it’s emblazoned with the logo of one of the best craft breweries in the United States, Sierra Nevada.

Growler Station

23 Jan

growler station

Growler Station isn’t your typical bottle shop.  Though they offer over 200 varieties of craft beer from around the world by the bottle, they have 24 craft brews on tap which are available by the growler via their unique growler filling taps which fill the beer carrying vessels by running the draft beer down the sides of the growler, reducing foam and increasing longevity.  “You get the enjoyment of your favorite draft beer, right at home,” says co-owner John O’Connell.  “Oxygen is a killer of beer, we believe that with this technology, we can revolutionize the way beer is delivered to customers.” Growler Station is also offering recyclable 2 liter plastic bottles which they claim retains the same taste and freshness of a traditional glass growler while freeing you from hauling (and cleaning) your old jug.  Located at 26 West 8th St. New York City.

500 Beers

9 Jan

500 beers book

You know those books that list some dude’s 500 favorite beers that you should try but would never be able to track down, ultimately leaving you with a sense of failure and disappointment?  This isn’t one of those books.  500 Beers ($15) is simply a great way to keep track of the beers you’ve tried, want to try, or will never drink again.  With space to keep track of labels, locations, pictures, and notes as well as a progress tracker, this is the best way to document your journey through the wonderful world of craft beer.

Leather Beer Carrier

29 Dec

leather 6-pack carton

Unofficially named the “Spartan Carton”, the Reusable Leather Beer Carton ($65) consists of riveted leather attached to a masonite handle, allowing you to transport your favorite craft beer in minimalistic style.  Designed for use with the 6-Pack Bike Frame Cinch ($22), a simple leather strap that can secure your valuable brew to the top tube of any bike.  It’s no surprise they’re made in Portland, OR.

BRODIE Home Brew Sediment Catchers

21 Dec

Sed-Ex Sediment caps

As anyone who home brews will tell you, if you bottle condition, you’re going to have yeast sediment in your beer.  The only way to avoid the build up is to force carbonate the brew, which typically means kegging, rendering your delicious creation immobile…until now.

BRODIE Home Brew Sediment Catchers ($38/15 caps) are a clever new product that promises to keep yeast sediment out of your bottles without having to force carb.