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10 Feb

beerjobber craft beer

Beerjobber is the new player in the online craft beer game, set to open to the public on February 13 (previously invite only), the site picks up the beer “fresh from the brewery and deliver[s] it straight to your door.”  Having the ability to pick up and ship straight from the brewer means you’re likely to find a new or seasonal beer that isn’t distributed to your state but can be shipped through beerjobber, which allows for breweries to distribute to a wider area without having to deal with postage headaches or finding new distributors.  There are several other online beer stores across the web (links below), but beerjobber’s niche is fresh beer straight from the brewery itself, ensuring you get the best tasting, freshest craft beer from brewers all over the country.

“Beerjobber is a first, and we’re very excited about opening our doors to the public in time for Valentine’s Day in support of those who truly love and enjoy craft beer.  As a new company, we’re committed to featuring all varieties of craft breweries seeking to reach an expanded audience, as well as exposing craft beer lovers to new tastes. We are continually seeking out new brewery partners and encourage consumers to reach out and let us know what breweries they’d like to see on our site.”-Sean Nevins, President of Beerjobber

Beerjobber currently ships from 30 US breweries and will be featuring three Valentine’s Day beers on their site when they open to the public on February 13th, including Voodoo Love Child from Voodoo Brewery (Meadville, PA); Rowhouse Red from Philadelphia Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA), and Organic Chocolate Stout from Bison Brewing (Berkeley, CA).  They are able to ship to 38 states plus DC.

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