Dogfish Head Positive Contact

5 Mar

dogfish head positive contact deltron

The collaboration brew is nothing new to the craft beer industry.  Brewers will often share ideas and ingredients with one another to create something new and typically experimental, but Dogfish Head is trying a new type of collaboration beer by teaming up with none other than hip-hop artist Dan the Automator from Deltron 3030.  Positive Contact is the new creation that will be a beer/cider mix, featuring some of Dan’s favorite ingredients: Fuji Apples, Cayenne Peppers, roasted Farro, and Cilantro.

The hybrid brew is scheduled to be released in May along with Deltron’s new album.  Positive Contact will be available throughout Dogfish Head’s distribution area but will only be sold in specialty 6-packs consisting of six 750ml bottles packaged with a 10-inch vinyl of 4 new Deltron 3030 tracks and a list of recipes from a small group of renowned chefs.  Needless to say, it’s quite the unique combo pack and has all the makings of a great night in.

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