Einstök Brewing

24 Jan

einstok brewing beer

Located 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Einstök Brewing Company was built with one purpose: to create good craft beer using the purest water on earth.  Though founded by three Americans who were initially planning to create a “luxury water” company, the brewery is located in Akureyri, Iceland thus qualifying as the first Icelandic craft beer to be mass distributed in the United States.  Four varieties will be arriving on our shores including a White Ale, Pale Ale, Toasted Porter, and Doppelbock, but are currently only available in California.

Einstök Ölgerd was founded in 2010 by Bernard La Borie, David Altshuler and Jack Sichterman after visiting Akureyri, Iceland, on a global search for the purest water. They found not only an abundant natural source of pure water there, but also a partner, the Viking Brewery, a division of Vifilfel hf., that was interested in pursuing the craft beer market. Einstök craft ales have been available in Iceland and the United Kingdom since October 2011 and have been gaining fans quickly thanks to their great flavor and unique packaging.

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