Ghost Face Killah – World’s Spiciest Beer

5 Jan

Twisted-Pine-Ghost-Face-KillahThere’s really only one way to make a beer spicy: throw a bunch of peppers in it.  And that’s exactly what Twisted Pine Brewing has done to create Ghost Face Killah, the world’s spiciest beer.  Brewed with 6 types of peppers including jalapeno, habanero, and Bhut Jolokia – otherwise known as the Ghost Pepper.  You can be sure you’ll get a nice endorphin rush and a finish of fire.  Due to high demand, Twin Pines has expanded the beer’s distribution and can now be found in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Nebraska, Missouri and Louisiana.

“the heat starts on the insides of your cheeks and on your tongue in the same way that eating a popper or a bowl of green chile might. But then, the smoky warmth of the peppers travels down in the back of your throat, where it simmers. Take another sip, and your lips start to burn, like you’re wearing pepper Chapstick. That was the flame that took the longest to extinguish.” And aside from the odd sensation of having a beer heat you up rather than cool you down, the beer is actually tasty, smoky and well balanced”

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