Homebrewing Kits and Supplies

12 Dec

All homebrewers have to start somewhere, and many companies have created great starter kits that make it easy to begin brewing great beer at home.  But what supplies and equipment do you need to start homebrewing?

We’ve compiled a list of starter kits from around the web.  We’ve tried to select kits that include everything needed to start brewing great extract beer in your kitchen at home .  There are many more options out there, but we hope this helps at least one person discover a wonderful new hobby.  Brew On!

Coopers DIY Beer Kit

homebrew supplies equipment coopersAt $99.99 this kit is the least expensive on our list but everything you need is included: hydrometer, 6 gallon fermenter, beer ingredients and there’s even an instructable DVD.


Personal Brewery Kit #3

$215.00  Includes everything you need to brew at home.


Deluxe Starter Kit

From $159.99  Everything you need, except a kettle and bottles.


Everything + a Carboy Kit

From $169.99  Everything you need, including an ingredient kit.  You may have to kill a six-pack for the extra bottles, but hey that’s almost a perk.


Complete Brewery

$194.90  Great kit to get a “head start” equipment wise.  No bottles, but includes a wort chiller and you can purchase the kit with an ingredient kit.


AHS Deluxe Brewing Equipment Kit (2 Stage Plastic Secondary)

$215.99  A great kit.  Includes wort chiller, but you will need to acquire a brew kettle or stock pot.


New Brewers Complete Homebrew Kit With Auto Siphon and Draft Magazine

$139.99  Everything, including a magazine subscription, except a brew kettle or stock pot.


Deluxe Equipment Kit

$149.95  No brew kettle or bottles, but a wonderfully complete starter kit.

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