Infographic: The United States of GOOD Beer

United State of GOOD Beer

While we strongly disagree about one or two of the choices (Landshark for Florida? Really?), here’s a nice infographic from that showcases one craft brewery in each state of the US.  Do you agree with their brewery for your state?  If so, they unfortunately fell short of their fundraising project to make the map into a poster, but enough fan emails might just be enough to convince them to try again.


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  1. I love this infographic. I can’t complain about my state’s beer (Two Brothers) although I would have went with Half Acre personally. Does Idaho really not have a brewery??

    • Idaho does have a few breweries but they’re all very local. I know that Bitch Creek Double ESB from Grand Teton Brewing Co. is pretty tasty but it’s not available outside of the state.

  2. try laughing dog from sandpoint ID. the cream ale is probably my favorite beer. travel, come on up to Idaho and ill buy the first round.