Odell Footprint Region Ale

6 Feb


Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, CO is giving us yet another great example of a collaboration brew with a unique twist.  Odell Footprint Region Ale is a specialty ale brewed with one ingredient from each of the 10 states in Odell’s “distribution footprint”:  hops and barley from Colorado and Idaho, wheat from Kansas and Wyoming, Arizona prickly pear, Minnesota wild rice, Nebraska corn, New Mexico green chilies, South Dakota honey and oak barrels from Missouri.  Each ingredient was added by a guest brewer from their respective state.  The result is a strong ale with prominent fruit and honey flavors and an ABV of 9.5%.  Footprint will be available in 750ml cork and cage finish bottles throughout the brewery’s distribution area.

Odell Brewing Company is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and was founded in 1998.  Odell currently distributes to CO, AZ, ID, KS, MN, MO, NE, NM, SD, and WY.

odell footprint region ale bottle

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