Sam Adams Returns to its Craft Roots

29 Nov

Sam Adams lineup of 4 small batch brews

High ABV, specialty ingredients, and some experimentation describe these small-batch brews from Sam Adams

Sam Adams is a brewery that has taken a step beyond its microbrew beginnings and is sold nationwide in nearly every beer retailer from gas stations to your local bottle shop.  Still technically a craft brewery, it’s not the first brand to come to mind when thinking of specialty beers due to its rapid growth and fantastic success throughout the country.  With branding being ever more important when dealing not just with beer, but nationally recognized and widely available beer, Sam Adams decided to remind the craft beer drinkers of their roots and release a line of 4 small batch creations that are mysteriously absent from their website.

The limited releases are Tasman Red IPA, Third Voyage Double IPA, The Vixen Chocolate Chili Bock, and Griffin’s Bow Barleywine Ale.  Each bottle lists the hops and grains used in making the beer and all are relatively high ABV, ranging from %6.5 to 11.5% for the barleywine.  Released in October 2011, you should be able to find these limited releases relatively easily, but the links above will send you to a site that ships to most states.  We here at Brewing and Beer are very happy to see Sam Adams work the small batch beers into its lineup and it definitely helps reinforce our belief that Sam Adams, though large and widespread, is a creator of some fine craft brews.

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