Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale

16 Feb

shiner wild hare pale ale

Spoetzl Brewery, better known as Shiner to most, is breaking its 102 year-long streak of producing only lagers with the release of its very first pale ale.  Wild Hare Pale Ale is now available in select locations across the United States and will be a traditional pale ale brewed with Munich and Caramel malt and over one pound of Goldings and Bravo hops per barrel.  The result is a comparatively low 4.3% ABV with “crisp bitterness and an assertive fresh hop fruit and floral aroma.”

Pours a very clear, burnished gold malt color, under a slightly orangey and thick head. The smell does bring in the hops, but in a gentle way. The intent seems to be as a “gateway” for people who may have had Shiner Bock as their regular. The malt taste is slightly light, possibly some of it is balanced from the hops, but the overall effect is a lighter mouthfeel. Hops are definitely American, with notes of citrus, pine and resin. Just not as powerful as the usual “hop bomb” American Pale Ales. In other words, easy going and almost sessionable.

And make sure not to miss Shiner’s hilarious Wild Hare videos, located here.

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