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Video: The American Beer Revival

20 Feb

Check out this fantastic video by visual.ly about the fall and rise of American craft breweries over the last 100 years.  Enjoy!

Places to Taste Pliny the Younger in So Cal

14 Feb


Head on over to Taste Terminal to check out the dates and times when the highly coveted (and highly limited) Pliny the Younger will available at bars across Southern California.  Some have presale tickets available but you’re limited to only one 8 oz. pour.  Still, most locations only received one or two 5-gallon kegs so it will go fast.  Follow the link below to find where the triple IPA will be poured.


Craft Beer at Your Doorstep

10 Feb

beerjobber craft beer

Beerjobber is the new player in the online craft beer game, set to open to the public on February 13 (previously invite only), the site picks up the beer “fresh from the brewery and deliver[s] it straight to your door.”  Having the ability to pick up and ship straight from the brewer means you’re likely to find a new or seasonal beer that isn’t distributed to your state but can be shipped through beerjobber, which allows for breweries to distribute to a wider area without having to deal with postage headaches or finding new distributors.  There are several other online beer stores across the web (links below), but beerjobber’s niche is fresh beer straight from the brewery itself, ensuring you get the best tasting, freshest craft beer from brewers all over the country.


Duff Beer

9 Feb

buy duff beer cans

Brewed in Springfield and delivered by Duff Man himself, this beer…OK not really, but if you’ve longed to work at a nuclear power plant and live next door to Flanders you can take your fantasy one step closer with Duff Beer ($39).  This German Lager comes in at 4.7% ABV and though it does tend to be a bit flavorless and boring, the legendary brew is probably just as recognized as Budweiser across the world.  If nothing else, it’s a great addition to your Simpsons memorabilia collection.

Whiny the Complainer Triple IPA

8 Feb


Big Time Brewery and Alehouse has released their highly anticipated Whiny the Complainer.  This triple IPA was made in the same style as Russian River’s Pliny the Younger and was named by former head brewer Bill Jenkins in homage to “the patrons who whine because they missed out on their coveted few ounces of PtY.”  The new ale is Big Time Brewery’s 2,300th beer they’ve served since opening in 1988, making it the oldest brewpub in Washington State and showing that they know what they’re doing.


Sixpoint Resin

7 Feb

sixpoint resin ipa can

It was about one year ago when Sixpoint Craft Ales began releasing their four year-round beers in cans, and they’ve recently announced a new addition to the core lineup, Resin.  Named after the resinous buildup in hop cones when they reach maturity, this Imperial IPA of 9.1% ABV and 103 IBU starts with a strong hop bite which then gives way to a caramel back and a finish of pine.


Odell Footprint Region Ale

6 Feb


Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, CO is giving us yet another great example of a collaboration brew with a unique twist.  Odell Footprint Region Ale is a specialty ale brewed with one ingredient from each of the 10 states in Odell’s “distribution footprint”:  hops and barley from Colorado and Idaho, wheat from Kansas and Wyoming, Arizona prickly pear, Minnesota wild rice, Nebraska corn, New Mexico green chilies, South Dakota honey and oak barrels from Missouri.  Each ingredient was added by a guest brewer from their respective state.  The result is a strong ale with prominent fruit and honey flavors and an ABV of 9.5%.  Footprint will be available in 750ml cork and cage finish bottles throughout the brewery’s distribution area.


A Brew Just for Women: Chick Beer

26 Jan


The only beer in the world marketed specifically toward women, even going so far as to say it’s a “women only” brew and proving it with the bright pink packaging and feminine font, Chick Beer is a light American Lager “created by a woman, exclusively for women” who are “fun loving, smart and independent.”  Founder Shazz Lewis was quoted saying:

“Why wasn’t there a beer that shouted out to me? I’m a woman who enjoys drinking beer.  I’m a wife, daughter, sister and mother of five daughters. Why wasn’t there a beer that celebrates, or even acknowledges my, well, ‘chickness’?”

The marketing scheme has fallen under harsh criticism since the company was founded but that hasn’t stopped Chick Beer from expanding from Maryland to Idaho and Indiana.  The website claims 25% of beer drinkers in America are women and they are the only company trying to target that segment, though it seems more likely that they are alienating the other 75% with their strategy.  However, a light American Lager with only 3.5 carbs and 97 calories will probably entice a fairly large number of female beer drinkers.

Dogfish Head 2012 Release Calendar

26 Jan

dogfish head calendar

Some breweries keep a pretty strict lineup when it comes to their beers, a handful of standard selections and the same seasonal brews year after year, while others seem to be trying something new every few weeks.  It can be difficult to keep track of what comes out when, but luckily for you that’s our job.  And to make everyone’s life a little bit easier, Dogfish Head has updated their release calendar for 2012.  Click the link below to see when each of their 20 seasonal/specialty beers will be available this year.  Some particularly exciting releases include the 120-minute IPA, Bitches Brew (best paired with Miles Davis’ album of the same name), and Noble Rot, a beer/wine hybrid.


Flying Dog Wildeman IPA

25 Jan


Announced with one of the most bizarre release videos for a beer (below), Wildeman IPA by Flying Dog is just one of the twenty (yes twenty) new beers to be released by Flying Dog Brewery in 2012.  Part of the Brewhouse Rarities Series (which will introduce a new experimental beer on the 1st of every month of 2012), the unfiltered IPA begins with notes of citrus and spice on the nose, followed by potent citrus hop flavor. The bitterness is balanced by light malt highlights and finishes dry, crisp, and with a slight hint of acidity.  The latest year-round release was unleashed on January 18 and will be available in the mid-Atlantic by early February.  Wildeman is the first year-round beer by Flying Dog since Raging Bitch in 2009.  The other new brews will include a German, Scottish, and Irish Ale as well as the Imperial Hefeweizen which was released in early January.