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Growler Station

23 Jan

growler station

Growler Station isn’t your typical bottle shop.  Though they offer over 200 varieties of craft beer from around the world by the bottle, they have 24 craft brews on tap which are available by the growler via their unique growler filling taps which fill the beer carrying vessels by running the draft beer down the sides of the growler, reducing foam and increasing longevity.  “You get the enjoyment of your favorite draft beer, right at home,” says co-owner John O’Connell.  “Oxygen is a killer of beer, we believe that with this technology, we can revolutionize the way beer is delivered to customers.” Growler Station is also offering recyclable 2 liter plastic bottles which they claim retains the same taste and freshness of a traditional glass growler while freeing you from hauling (and cleaning) your old jug.  Located at 26 West 8th St. New York City.

Bud Enters the Home Draft Market

13 Dec

Anheuser-Busch is entering the home draft market.    Seeming to follow suit from Heineken, with their Draughtkeg and Krups Beertender and from Coors and Miller’s pig keg offerings, the Draftmark is making it’s debut in select St. Louis stores this week with Budweiser, Shock Top Belgian White, and Bass Pale Ale on offer.  It will be interesting to see how successful the BIG brewery will be with their home draft system.  The Draftmark fits on a shelf inside your refrigerator, has a rechargeable battery and a “permanent pouring system”. Draftmark owners will be able to buy refills for their system and Bud is claiming freshness for 30 days.

If Bud expands their refill offerings to some of their more exciting brews, like Bodingtons Pub Ale or Stella Artois, they may have a real winner. We here at Brewing and Beer aren’t always kind to the big 3, but we’re always interested in new ways to enjoy beer.  We have only two questions so far: When is the Draftmark going national, and why in the world of beer does it require a battery?

Learn More: www.anheuser-busch.com/s/index.php/anheuser-busch-brings-premium-draft-beer-experience-home-with-draftmark/

Growlers in the Press

23 Nov

We love our house growlers. Useful for toting some homebrew to the family get together at grandma’s house, or bringing home a few liters of that special cask release from the local craft brewery. Growlers are nothing new, but a recent surge is bringing this old way to buy, carry, and enjoy beer back from beer geekdom and making it available for everyday beer lovers.

NYT Article