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The Beer Growler

24 Jul

the beer growler store

There’s a new type of craft beer retailer popping up on the heels of the craft beer industry’s rapid growth: the growler store.  And some early adopters are seeing promising success.  The Beer Growler, based in Atlanta, offers 32 and 64 ounce growlers for sale at $4.99 which can be filled, and refilled, with any of the 40 craft beers, ciders, and root beers on tap.  Prices for a 64-oz fill up range from about $10 – $17+.  Also, if you happen to already own a growler, say from your local brewery, they’ll fill that too.   The Beer Growler currently has one store in operation and there are five more opening soon throughout the Atlanta, GA area.  If you’re interested in buying a franchise, the company is looking to expand to the south and west of Atlanta.

Growler Station

23 Jan

growler station

Growler Station isn’t your typical bottle shop.  Though they offer over 200 varieties of craft beer from around the world by the bottle, they have 24 craft brews on tap which are available by the growler via their unique growler filling taps which fill the beer carrying vessels by running the draft beer down the sides of the growler, reducing foam and increasing longevity.  “You get the enjoyment of your favorite draft beer, right at home,” says co-owner John O’Connell.  “Oxygen is a killer of beer, we believe that with this technology, we can revolutionize the way beer is delivered to customers.” Growler Station is also offering recyclable 2 liter plastic bottles which they claim retains the same taste and freshness of a traditional glass growler while freeing you from hauling (and cleaning) your old jug.  Located at 26 West 8th St. New York City.

National Growler Day – December 17, 2011

16 Dec

hangar 24 growler

The holidays are a special time when long unseen friends and relatives can come together and share each others’ company with a nice local craft beer.  So why shouldn’t there be another holiday added that reminds us to use our environment-friendly, refillable growlers to go out and buy great tasting, locally made beer?  Hence the movement by The Beer Mapping Project to proclaim December 17 as National Growler Day, a day to buy a cool new beer carrying vessel or get some use out of your old one.  That’s reason enough for us to head to our local brewery and buy some beer.


The Sprocket Growler

9 Dec

Get your local craft beer in style with this simple yet very bad-ass growler from Portland Growler Company.  Made of kiln-fired stoneware, this 64-oz vessel is much sturdier than your typical glass growler and the ceramic will help keep that brew cold during your drive home.  The Sprocket Growler ($64)

Growlers in the Press

23 Nov

We love our house growlers. Useful for toting some homebrew to the family get together at grandma’s house, or bringing home a few liters of that special cask release from the local craft brewery. Growlers are nothing new, but a recent surge is bringing this old way to buy, carry, and enjoy beer back from beer geekdom and making it available for everyday beer lovers.

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