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Sixpoint Resin

7 Feb

sixpoint resin ipa can

It was about one year ago when Sixpoint Craft Ales began releasing their four year-round beers in cans, and they’ve recently announced a new addition to the core lineup, Resin.  Named after the resinous buildup in hop cones when they reach maturity, this Imperial IPA of 9.1% ABV and 103 IBU starts with a strong hop bite which then gives way to a caramel back and a finish of pine.


Stone’s New Collaboration Brew

14 Jan

Fatheads stone tba

Stone Brewing has teamed up with Bear Republic and Fat Head’s Brewing to create the next craft beer in their Collaboration Series lineup: TBA Extra Hoppy Brown Ale.  Brewed with five types of malt and four types of hops along with brown sugar and molasses, TBA is sure to be a big mixture of nutty brown malt with a strong hop kick.  In other words, absolutely delicious.


Ninkasi Sleighr Dark Double Alt Ale

26 Dec

ninkasi sleighr

Christmas beer.  The name is synonymous with brown, malty ales usually spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon or something similar and this year was no different for the most part, except a few breweries tweaked some older recipes to give Christmas more of a hop-balance.  Ninkasi Sleighr Dar Double Alt ($2.87) is one example of just such a beer.  Full of flavor, smooth, crisp and with a high alcohol content, Sleighr is the perfect beer staying in from the cold and eating a Christmas dinner, below is info from Ninkasi.