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Duff Beer

9 Feb

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Brewed in Springfield and delivered by Duff Man himself, this beer…OK not really, but if you’ve longed to work at a nuclear power plant and live next door to Flanders you can take your fantasy one step closer with Duff Beer ($39).  This German Lager comes in at 4.7% ABV and though it does tend to be a bit flavorless and boring, the legendary brew is probably just as recognized as Budweiser across the world.  If nothing else, it’s a great addition to your Simpsons memorabilia collection.

A Brew Just for Women: Chick Beer

26 Jan


The only beer in the world marketed specifically toward women, even going so far as to say it’s a “women only” brew and proving it with the bright pink packaging and feminine font, Chick Beer is a light American Lager “created by a woman, exclusively for women” who are “fun loving, smart and independent.”  Founder Shazz Lewis was quoted saying:

“Why wasn’t there a beer that shouted out to me? I’m a woman who enjoys drinking beer.  I’m a wife, daughter, sister and mother of five daughters. Why wasn’t there a beer that celebrates, or even acknowledges my, well, ‘chickness’?”

The marketing scheme has fallen under harsh criticism since the company was founded but that hasn’t stopped Chick Beer from expanding from Maryland to Idaho and Indiana.  The website claims 25% of beer drinkers in America are women and they are the only company trying to target that segment, though it seems more likely that they are alienating the other 75% with their strategy.  However, a light American Lager with only 3.5 carbs and 97 calories will probably entice a fairly large number of female beer drinkers.

Coors Attempts to Make Real Beer

30 Dec

batch 19 coors

With the craft beer industry steadily making a name for itself in the US, it’s clear that the days of light, flavorless American Lagers are being replaced by an era that provides an array of options that might complement a meal or provide a topic of olfactory conversation.  The execs at the big 3 (Bud, Miller, Coors) aren’t ignorant of this fact however and are scrambling to find ways to stay viable in a world where Bud Light is no longer the go-to beer for the latest generation of beer drinkers.  Batch 19 is Coors’ attempt to provide a “craft” beer to compete with the likes of Stone or Dogfish Head.  Received with mediocre reviews, the new lager does boast a malty presence with a slightly hoppy finish but it seems to fall short in terms of the overall experience.  Available in select cities, though we recommend sticking with a true craft brew.

A New Lager Looks to Fill the gap Between Mainstream and Craft Beer

28 Nov

kraftig lager beer

Kräftig is looking to fill a niche that may not exist

The craft beer industry has steadily gained market share from the big three (Bud, Miller, Coors) over the past decade, rising to 7.6% of total beer revenue in the US in 2010¹. This steady incline is occurring while total beer sales have been slowly declining over the past 3 years, down 1.0% in 2010 from the year previous and expected to dip again in 2011¹.  Therefore it’s easy to see the risk involved with opening a craft brewery in America today, but there’s one brewery trying to really beat the odds: Kräftig.