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Bonkers Pale Ale

4 Nov

Bonkers Pale Ale

Brewed for an indian summer’s afternoon, Bonkers is an easy drinking pale ale with a handful of Northwest hops added late in the boil that gives plenty of hop character without the bitterness.  Smooth and drinkable, it’s a pale ale that can be enjoyed by everyone.  The label features our 3 month old kitten Bonkers who joined our family while the beer was fermenting and is thusly immortalized as a homebrew mascot.

Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale

16 Feb

shiner wild hare pale ale

Spoetzl Brewery, better known as Shiner to most, is breaking its 102 year-long streak of producing only lagers with the release of its very first pale ale.  Wild Hare Pale Ale is now available in select locations across the United States and will be a traditional pale ale brewed with Munich and Caramel malt and over one pound of Goldings and Bravo hops per barrel.  The result is a comparatively low 4.3% ABV with “crisp bitterness and an assertive fresh hop fruit and floral aroma.”


Sierra Nevada Begins Canning its Beer

27 Jan


Sierra Nevada is having a busy week, just days after announcing their new brewery to open in North Carolina, they unveiled their new canning machine which will be sending its first run of aluminum to shelves in about 2 weeks.  And that 2 week delay between canning and shipping can only mean one thing, natural carbonation.  So the little yeast particles you love so much from your Pale Ale bottles will be right where they should be.  Sierra Nevada aims to have the 12-packs of Pale Ale on store shelves in mid-February along with 4-packs of the Torpedo Extra IPA.  The cans should be available everywhere by Memorial Day.

21st Amendment Bitter American Pale Ale

23 Jan

21st amendment bitter american

Just days after 21st Amendment’s Bitter American earned a spot on the Washington Post’s “Top 10 Beers of 2011”, the brewery announced that it would be distributing the brew year-round due to a deluge of angry emails and letters when they pulled the previously seasonal canned Pale Ale from the shelves.  Described as a Session Pale Ale with only 4.4% ABV, Bitter American was traditionally sold as a winter seasonal as a “perfect antidote to the big beers of winter”.


Hangar 24 Brewery

18 Dec

Hangar 24 Alt-Bier

Caramel and Chocolate Alt is a better way to describe it. Absolutely amazing beer, drinkable, flavorful, smooth and liked by hop heads and beer beginners alike. Will most likely land in your top-10 beer list.


In honor of National Growler Day, we were fortunate enough to fill our growler with the delicious Chocolate Porter from Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands, CA.  We’re proud of our local brewery and wanted to share this excerpt from the website to show you how local this brewery really is:


Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov

We are thankful for every opportunity we get to spend time with family and friends.  Today is a national opportunity to share our gratitude over food and drink.  We will be sharing our love of beer with our family and friends.  German Alt-Bier, winter warmers, and malty pale ales are on our table.  Please share some of your favorite style’s today and bring the people you love along on your beer journey.  Be thankful, and drink good beer. Prost!