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Sierra Nevada iPhone Bottle Opener Case

6 Mar

sierra nevada iphone case bottle opener

You know you’ve thought about it.  That moment when desperation begins to set in due to your lack of a bottle opener and a 6-pack of craft beer begging to be drunk.  But for most of us, the idea of using our iPhone to crack open a beer is only a fleeting thought as we’re left to settle for a curb or table edge to break into the sweet hoppy nectar within.  If you happen to find yourself in this situation more often than you’d admit, or the edge of your iPhone looks like it was attacked by a mouse with metal teeth, then fret no more!  The iPhone Bottle Opener Case ($19.95) is here to save you and your phone from taking any more damage, physically or emotionally.  Plus it’s emblazoned with the logo of one of the best craft breweries in the United States, Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada Begins Canning its Beer

27 Jan


Sierra Nevada is having a busy week, just days after announcing their new brewery to open in North Carolina, they unveiled their new canning machine which will be sending its first run of aluminum to shelves in about 2 weeks.  And that 2 week delay between canning and shipping can only mean one thing, natural carbonation.  So the little yeast particles you love so much from your Pale Ale bottles will be right where they should be.  Sierra Nevada aims to have the 12-packs of Pale Ale on store shelves in mid-February along with 4-packs of the Torpedo Extra IPA.  The cans should be available everywhere by Memorial Day.

Sierra Nevada to Open Brewery in North Carolina

25 Jan

sierra nevada logo

After several years in search of an ideal site for their second brewery, Sierra Nevada has chosen Mills River, NC as the future site of its expansion.  Founder and owner Ken Grossman had this to say about the new location:

“Much like Chico, with its close proximity to many creeks, rivers and the Sierras, the location for our new brewery in North Carolina will be situated on property that borders the French Broad River, with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop. Of course, building a new brewery from the ground up is no small task, and we anticipate the construction to take between 18 and 24 months. Our East Coast brewery will be built with a sustainable and mindful approach and maintain the integrity of the property and beauty of the natural landscape.”


Mark Carpenter on Defining a Craft Brewery

1 Dec

mark carpenter anchor brewing beer

"Once you get started on craft beer, you're not going back to regular beer." - Mark Carpenter

“I’ve never liked those numbers, it’s a goofy kind of fake thing. When we were tiny and started to grow, the brewers association would come up with these numbers and there was a period where we were always out of being considered craft beer, but Sierra Nevada was always in it. Then Sierra finally passed us and all of a sudden we were considered craft beer again, so it’s kind of arbitrary.” – Mark Carpenter, Brewmaster at Anchor Brewing

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