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20 Feb

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Craft beer bars seem to be popping up on every corner in cities like New York, Seattle, Houston and anywhere else with a decent beer community.  Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to see some bars with unique twists to draw customers (though, craft beer should be enough of a draw in itself).

One such example is The Brew Exchange in Austin, TX which opened its doors on February 16 with a pricing format that’s one of a kind.  The 72 beers on tap are all subject to The Brew Exchange’s pricing software that causes each beer to fluctuate somewhere between deeply discounted special offers and the typical six dollar pint.  The prices all move up and down throughout the day, allowing customers to get a premium pint for as little as $2 if the “market conditions” are favorable.  The dynamic prices also allow for certain brews to go on sale all day, simulating a market crash.  Each beer is dependent on the prices of the other beers though, so for example, if a Stone Pale Ale sees a 25% price drop, then the beers that are in that same category will rise by 25%.

Brew Exchange Prices explained: Our 100+ beers are divided into categories (IPA, Lager, Cider ect…) Each time someone orders a beer, the price goes up for the next person who orders the same beer. The others in the category go down by the same amount. The more popular the beer is, the higher the price goes, while those not being order continue to fall. If you’re a fan of staple beers such as Miller and Bud Light, don’t worry, prices for those beers won’t change. Cheers!

It’s an interesting idea to say the least and would certainly be a fun way to spend a couple hours, but is it conducive to repeat customers?  Knowing that your favorite craft beer might be selling at a premium that day might turn people away to other beer bars where they know how much they’ll be paying.  Either way, it’s certainly worth a trip and it’s great to see the creativity and innovation of the craft beer industry extending beyond the breweries.

The Brew Exchange is located at 706 West 6 Street, Austin, TX 78701

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