The Dangers of Hops to Your Pets

26 Nov

hop dog bad

Though rare, hop reactions can be fatal

There is somewhat of a mystery to whether or not hops are bad for pets.  With very little data available on the topic (only one veterinary journal article has ever been published) most pet owners are ignorant of the dangers that this all-important ingredient can pose, yet many homebrewers have hops around the house for brewing or may even grow their own in their back yard.  We here at Brewing and Beer love our hops, but we also love our dogs, so continue reading to educate yourself on the dangers hops can present to your pets.

The fact is that hops can trigger a Malignant-Hyperthermia in dogs who are genetically predisposed to the condition.   According to the journal article, hops were given to a group of dogs to see how they would react.  “Five dogs, 4 of which were Greyhounds, suffered adverse effects secondary to the ingestion of spent hops…”  Though this condition is rare, it is very serious when it does occur.  If you believe your dog is suffering from an adverse reaction to hops, consult your veterinarian immediately and inform him/her that your dog is at an increased risk of exposure to hops in your home.

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